The Worshiping Church

This exclusive short video and article blog series with Tom Inglis is for anyone involved in Worship Ministry. It has been developed to provide targeted and specific coaching for those who have been called to the area of worship, and is drawn from Tom's book, The Ministry of the Psalmist, and his years of experience as a worship leader and pastor. 

Video Contents (13 videos)
Prophetic Influence on Worship
Culture of Worship
Culture of Honour
Culture of Good-Finding
Culture of Humility
Culture of Excellence
Culture of Diligence
Culture of Righteousness
The Divine Gift of Music
Music and Words
Hebrew is a Musical Language
David the Psalmist (Part 2)
Worship Ministry Q&A

Articles (7 articles)
Prophectic Influence on Worship
The Holy Spirit's Role in Worship
Music is a Gift to Humanity
The Divine Gift of Music
Developing a Culture
David the Psalmist (Parts 1 & 3)