"Equipping believers and churches to develop a culture of worship"



The Worshiping Church is a ministry that was birthed by Tom Inglis in 1984 after he had a profound encounter with the Lord regarding the subject of 'worship as a lifestyle'. It was a new concept at the time, which led Tom to develop a ‘School of Worship’ under the ministry name of Psalmody International.

Interest in Psalmody resources grew quickly not only in South Africa but in several nations. Due to this demand, the material was translated into 20 languages and used across various denominations.

In 1991, Psalmody started an academy of worship, ministry and performing arts. It ran for about five years in South Africa, attracting mostly worship leaders from 28 nations. With over 200 students graduating, it was a pioneering school of creative ministries at the time.

The Worshiping Church website was launched in 2013 to represent the ministry of Psalmody International in a more comprehensive and contemporary manner. Here you will find free articles and updates on the ministry of Psalmody International. You will also be able to purchase resources, such as, worship courses, books, music and worship ministry coaching videos.

The Worshiping Church website was integrated into the Sydney Life Church website in 2016 to bring the two ministries that Tom shepherds together. 

After 32 years, The Worshiping Church is continuing to release relevant and timeless teaching resources for this generation. We believe the end time battle is for worshipers and current global events are evidence of this very thing. There has never been a better time to understand true biblical worship and cultivate it as a way of life. We encourage you to delve into our resources to help you develop a deep and intimate lifestyle of worship, which will grow and sustain you in these times.

Tom is recognised by many as an apostle of worship who carries a prophetic word that is fresh and relevant for the church today. He has travelled across the world teaching the message of ‘worship as a lifestyle’ and is considered by many as a pioneer in the area. Those who hear Tom speak on the subject recognise the prophetic anointing and authority he carries for worship.

His passion is to help raise up a generation of worshipers, and believes this will be one of the greatest hallmarks of the end-time church.


We have the following representatives to help you with setting up a Psalmody School of Worship in your church or group. If you are based in the following countries, please contact the relevant representatives directly:

South Africa: Trevor and Trisha Sampson. Email: southafrica@psalmody.org
UK: Steve and Jenny Watson. Email: ukoffice@psalmody.org

If you are located in the following countries, please contact The Worshiping Church Australia through the form below who will put you in touch with the relevant representative:

Australia: Tom Inglis
Brazil: Rafael Frohe
Nepal: Bhaskar Lama
Sweden: Magnus Alexsson

If your nation is not listed above, please contact The Worshiping Church Australia using the form below, and we will help you get your School of Worship started. Note: our courses can be purchased online via a digital download and a free Facilitator's Manual is included in the Facilitator's Pack. The manual provides information on how to setup and facilitate a Psalmody School of Worship.

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