The Liora Project was birthed when two friends sitting around the kitchen table asked each other, "If you could do anything, what would you do?" For both, the answer was the same - to have a business that supported women living in abject poverty, enabling them to become economically self-sufficient, and rise up to live their God-given potential.

Since that day in 2012, Kate, a member of Sydney Life Church and her friend Nicola, have worked to make that dream a reality. The Liora Project works to liberate women sold into sex-slavery in India and The Philippines, creating an avenue for them to receive freedom and also the opportunity to be trained in a business.

Kate and Nicola are supported by a local pastor and doctor, who offer immediate medical and pastoral care to women who have accepted their help. The Liora Project then provides training, education and employment opportunities through the business ‘Spirited Clothes’.

This project has seen incredible success, assisting many women in re-establishing themselves in their local communities, restoring their dignity through their successful work, and empowering them with a steady stream of income.

The word ‘Liora’ means light, and the vision of this project is to bring light to dark places. Spirited Clothes is a business dedicated to helping women escape violent abuse, sexual exploitation and poverty.


As a church, we support The Liora Project by:

    • Providing financial support from our missions fund to help rescue women from sexual servitude
    • Raising additional funds through special offerings to help rescue women from sexual servitude
    • Selling "Spirited Clothes" products at our Mosman Market's stall
    • Ongoing prayer support


Here are the main ways that you can get involved in supporting The Liora Project:

    1. Make a donation to The Liora Project to help rescue women from sexual servitude and to support on-the-ground projects in India and the Philippines
    2. Purchase "Spirited Clothes" online
    3. Sell "Spirited Clothes" by hosting a party or through your shop/business, church etc. 
    4. Get connected and be vocal. Connect with The Liora Project through Facebook, stay up-to-date with the work they're doing, and share the updates and report backs
    5. Pray for The Liora Project team, and its beneficiaries


    To get more information about The Liora Project, visit the Spirited Clothes website.