The Psalmody School of Worship Courses are 13-week biblical and revelatory studies designed to equip individuals and churches to develop a culture of worship. You will learn how your worship can change your circumstances, is a catalyst for healing, giving, revival, evangelism and much more.

The course has benefitted tens of thousands across 40 countries. We have received countless testimonies (see below) of lives and churches that have been transformed by the course. We pray that you, and your church, will also be blessed by the course and will develop a deeper and more intimate lifestyle of worship.

The courses are available as a digital download for individuals and groups via the Psalmody International website (see below). 



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“Psalmody has opened up a deeper awareness and appreciation of the principles of the kingdom and how to apply them. I have become more aware of the bigger picture beyond church walls and how I fit in with God’s plan. Personally the course has caused me to think deeper and aim higher for the things of God. Thank you for bringing a course that’s real.” - Mark Spivey

“The School of Worship is really having a tremendous impact on the lives of those who attend here at our church.  I am seeing people’s eyes being opened and lives being transformed each week as I facilitate the lessons.”Northern Cape, South Africa

“Being a new believer for a very short time I have found this Psalmody course so uplifting so full of love and so rewarding. I feel fulfilled with spirit and know I have so much more I can learn and share. The power of worship and the power of song are now part of my daily life, and people wonder what I am on” - Sue Meagher

“Just wanted to let you know that we are having some sort of “Worship Explosion” happening in our Bible Study group – it is truly awesome!!! Everything I had been hoping would come to pass by doing this worship course is unfolding right in front of my eyes, it is really exciting and amazing.  I can see a flow on effect to the whole church actually – Praise the Lord some more!” School of Worship – NSW, Australia

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